Hampshire Mosque is a religious non-profit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts aimed at providing a space of worship for Muslims in Amherst and the surrounding area. It also intends to establish bridges of tolerance, harmony and understanding between Muslims, the American society at large and people of other faiths.

The Mosque practices and promotes a comprehensive, balanced view of Islam. The board of the mosque strives to embody the “middle path” to which Quran calls – a path of moderation, free of extremism, and representative of the Islamic vision of healthy community. It was officially established on 17 October 2004 that is the first night of the blessed month of Ramadan 1425 H. Currently, the Mosque is located in a leased office space in the midtown of Amherst, MA. Please refer to the map below for detailed direction. It accommodates more than 50 people comfortably.

The mosque is also located on the UMass bus routes: 30, 31, 36 and 45

The board of the mosque strives to respond to the community’s needs and suggestions as much as they can bear, and as far as they don’t violate the Sharee’a and the U.S. state and federal laws. The mosque is used for prayers, religious education and social events.